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Author Interview: Diana Huggins

Author of MCSA/MCSE Windows Server 2003 Network Infrastructure Exam Cram, Second Edition

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The MCSA and MCSE are in-demand credentials for network administrators today. Diana Huggins knows, because she holds both the MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer) and MCT (Microsoft Certified Trainer) certifications, as well as several other certifications from different vendors including CompTIA. With the publication of her new book, we thought she would be the perfect person to ask about earning these certifications today.

GoCertify: Do you feel that Microsoft certifications, especially the Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) and the Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator (MCSA) certifications, are as valuable as they used to be?

Diana Huggins: I don't think the certifications are any less valuable than they used to be. I just think that the industry has changed. It used to be that certifications such as the MCSE and MCSA were rare and therefore resulted in much higher salaries. However, now with all the abundance of certified people in the IT industry, companies now expect their entry level personnel to be certified in certain areas.

GoCertify: What led you to write this MCSA/MCSE Windows Server 2003 study guide?

Diana Huggins: When I was working towards my MCSE in Windows NT 4.0, I used the original Exam Crams. I loved those books because they were to the point, highlighted important exam information, and gave me study tips. The books certainly helped me to obtain my certification.

Being an adult educator, I want to help others learn and succeed. When the opportunity presented itself, I thought "What better way to help many people achieve certification success than putting together a Windows Server 2003 study guide?"

GoCertify: Who is this book designed for (beginner, expert, in-between), and how should it be used?

Diana Huggins: When I wrote the book I tried to keep beginners, experts, and everyone in-between in mind. I wanted to write a book that someone can use to study for the exam but also use as a resource later on.

The book includes exam tips, exam alerts, and practice tests for those who are studying for the exam. It also provides step-by-step details and in-depth information on various topics that can be used as a reference for network administrators who have already passed the exam.

GoCertify: How difficult is it to pass the 70-291 MCSE/MCSA certification exam?

Diana Huggins: I don't like to classify any exam as being "easy" to pass. I tell all of my students to approach each exam like it is a difficult one. If you prepare for an exam with the mindset that it is not a difficult one, you may end up being surprised in the end.

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